How to Use Technology for Simple Living

Everyone knows technology has it’s own share of vices and virtues, the internet is both a valuable informational tool and a time suck. Cell phones are convenient and are handy in emergencies, but they also make you available anytime, anywhere.
I have been thinking about ways technology can simplify and declutter our lives, if we use them in such a way.

I am an avid reader, but also dedicated to simple living and having minimal “things.” The new e-readers are a substantial investment, however, think of all the room you can save if you condense your whole library into one slim electronic device like the Kindle, Sony e-reader, or the Nook. I have gotten rid of over roughly two hundred books in the past two years (yes, my personal library was extensive, but I worked part-time in a bookstore for about 8 months, which, honestly, was quite dangerous considering I received a 33% discount!). I hope to get an electronic reader in the next year or so, and get rid of my remaining books (about 50 or so).
In the same way books take up shelf space, CD’s do as well. I have long ago condensed all my music into electronic files. MP3’s are better to me because I don’t have to worry about them skipping, like CD’s do when scratched and of course, they only take up space on my computer and iPod, not physical space in my home. Not to mention I love taking my music library with me everywhere I go.
DVD’s are something that my husband and I have in spades. Partially because we lived for years without cable TV, and are once again living that way. DVD’s can be viewed online via Netflix or iTunes, and again, they only take up computer space, not physical space.
I realize that I have thrown out some pricey options, like the e-readers and MP3 players, and you may be thinking, I thought she was frugal! I am, trust me. Using technology to condense your media is one way to save space, you can also save space by not buying anything at all, but using free services.
The library is a great resource as well, you can borrow books, CD’s and DVD’s for free, and most libraries have online resources, where you can download some digital things for free.

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