Can I Get That Downsized, Please?

I read an article on Yahoo news a while back about how the popular homes commonly known as “McMansions” of the last century are a thing of the past. The behemoth homes boasted, on average, 3,000 square feet. Read it here
Current trends in home construction are homes with a much smaller footprint. And there is even a group of people blogging online about their tiny homes, which are typically homes under 300 square feet.
I think what the downsizing trend is telling me is that there is a real paradigm shift right now. Downsizing is catching on, and it’s becoming the new normal. This is great news on so many levels.

It means people are starting to realize they can be happy with less, it also means people will consume less. They will need less energy to heat and cool these smaller homes. They will need to buy less stuff to fill these smaller spaces.
I think as a society we’re really on the cusp of a breakthrough. I can’t help it if that sounds cheesy or cliched. I’m excited. I am seeing people little by little making changes for the better.
I feel we are slowly moving toward a better you, a better me, a better we, a better country, a better world, a better society, a better environment, a better planet.

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