My Vision for 2014

Encouraging notes to myself in my journal from a quiet evening of reflecting and introspection--what the New Year is all about.
Encouraging notes to myself in my journal from a quiet evening of reflecting and introspection–what the New Year is all about.

At the turn of the calendar this year I decided instead of writing down resolutions I wanted to create a sort of visual reminder of my hopes and plans. Since this is the digital age, rather than hunting down inspiring pictures in old magazines and cutting and pasting them onto an actual board, I instead created a vision board over on Pinterest.

I’ve kept my vision board fairly simple. You can see the full list of things I hope to accomplish in 2014 by viewing clicking here to see my Pinterest vision board. If you’d rather not hop over to Pinterest, here’s a few things on my board:

  1. Embrace wanderlust. I’ve always been somewhat of a gypsy, but after my dad’s untimely passing nearly two years ago I’ve realized how quickly life goes by. There are so many places I want to see. I plan on exploring as much as I can in 2014.
  2. I’m taking a trip to Seattle later this month. I’ve never been to the Pacific Northwest before so this little vacation will (probably only temporarily) fulfill my wanderlust.
  3. Keep writing in my journal. I love journal writing and I plan to continue doing it throughout the year.
  4. Cooking real food. Last year I got into some bad habits–mainly by not managing my time all that well–and my husband and I ate way too many meals outside of our home. Cooking is something I enjoy and plan to do almost daily.

There’s more to my vision board on Pinterest if you’d like to scope out those pictures 😉

Now it’s your turn! Did you create a vision board or resolutions this year? Tell me about them in the comments section below!