A Cranberry Mocktail That’s Perfect for Thanksgiving Dinner

If you’re looking for a non-alcoholic drink to serve at Thanksgiving, I have a cranberry, apple, pear mocktail recipe that is perfect for the season!

If you didn’t know, I write under the pen name Ariel Storm and my latest project for that pen name is called the Talk Nerdy to Me series. It’s a contemporary romance series set in a nerd-themed bar, think video games, larping, comic books, cosplay, and more. And part of the fun of writing a bar-themed series is coming up with fun drink recipes. Since I don’t drink alcohol, I decided to create a different mocktail for each book with a name that was on brand for the series.

In book two, Nerdy Thoughts, I created the Nerdgasm cocktail (yes, that name, I know, but this series is aimed at the 22-early 30-something demographic :)) The drink is made with cranberry, apple, and pear flavors. I recently revised the recipe slightly for fall, and I share the recipe and bit more on authorarielstorm.com. You can hop over there to get all the details, if you’re interested in the recipe and more of the backstory to the mocktails.