An Autumnal Pause

Right now in the Midwest the leaves are at their peak and pumpkin flavor is being added to almost everything. This is one of my favorite seasons and the past couple of weeks I’ve spent time outdoors enjoying the crisp fall weather.

Although there’s been lots going on in my world lately, I often view fall as one big pause button. Outside, things gradually and progressively slow down, even though my life picks up during the holiday season.

I think what I love the most about autumn is it’s a season that forces you to be fully present. Like spring, autumn’s colorful splendor is often short lived. The few week window when the trees show off their vibrancy reminds me to live in the moment and not worry about the cold and often harsh conditions that proceed this magical season.

Winter will come. This is a sort of dreaded thought that lurks at the back of my mind. But like fall’s beauty, winter’s bite doesn’t last forever. And before we know it, one morning we’ll wake up and notice that everything is in bloom and the hopeful expectancy that seems to accompany spring’s arrival will buoy our mood. A literal and figurative lightness will enter the world once again, and somewhere, someone or something will release that pause button and everything starts to pick up speed again.