My Summer in Pictures

Hello over there! The past couple of months have passed like the blurred scenery one can glimpse from the window of a fast-moving train.

In June, I started freelancing again. I’m writing for a lifestyle site called South Sound Talk. I enjoy being a journalist, it engages so many aspects of my personality: writing, meeting new people, taking pictures and learning people’s stories. In my freelance role I write features about businesses/places in the Tacoma area.

One of the perks of being a journalist is writing about restaurants. This soup and salad was every bit as tasty as it looks.

Also in June, I launched a blog called The Womanhood Honor Project. It’s a place that I envision coming alive with women’s truths. You know, the kinds of things we all feel, think or believe that maybe keep us stuck in life or keep us from being our most authentic selves. I want this online home to be a place where women can talk about things that impact their lives, their world, but also, I want these shared stories to uplift each other, support each other, and let other women know they don’t have to walk their journey alone.

Rocking the power pose, but so many women rock the “Wonder Woman” pose, even if they only do it mentally. While it’s awesome that we can dig deep and be Wonder Woman when we need to, I know too many women living their whole lives feeling stuck in the dichotomy of either being Wonder Woman or being a failure. I hope my blog can change that.

In July, I started an internship with a non-profit. As the communications intern I’m working on press releases, updating social media, taking pictures at events, going out “into the field” to gather stories and use those stories to spread the organization’s mission, as well as to use in fundraising appeals. I’m also trying to do a bit of outreach for this organization, because I really believe in the work they’re doing and I want more people to know about it so they can benefit from the tools they offer.

I was lucky to get to attend National Night Out as part of my internship. It was an inspiring experience, seeing so many people in the community coming together for a common cause.

In my “free time” (ha!) I’m spending time with my hubby taking walks, reading books on storytelling to prepare for my online certificate program that begins in October, and, of course, I’m working on my personal writing.

What have YOU been up to this summer? Let me know in the comments!