How to Make a Refreshing Summer Mocktail Using Sparkling Water

It’s been pretty crazy hot here recently in the Midwest, like temps over 100. Fruity, sparkling wine spritzers or fruit infused cocktails like a paloma or daiquiri are mighty delicious when the weather heats up. That is, when you can indulge in them.

Since I’m on 75 Hard, I can’t drink any alcohol, or sugar (so there goes most mocktail recipes). I recently stumbled on some drink recipes using sparkling sparkling water as the base and realized this was the thing that was missing in my life!

I made a watermelon, lime, mint drink that I thought was spectacular, while also quenching my thirst. To make it, I muddled a few cubes of fresh watermelon with some mint leaves, then added about a half a can of lime flavored sparkling water, then I added two cubes of frozen watermelon to keep it nice and cold, and a mint sprig for garnish.

I’m an amateur bartender, and realized after making it that I should’ve strained the muddle for a cleaner-looking drink…next time! Have any good sugar free mocktail recipes I should check out, or would you like to try the recipe I shared? Let me know in the comments or tag me on social media 🙂