Keeping Busy

Spring in StChas

Okay, as you can see by the picture above spring has sprung here in St. Charles. I am happy for blue skies, green grass, budding trees and blooming flowers, but I literally haven’t had time to stop and smell those proverbial roses.

It seems this spring flowers aren’t the only things blossoming. After a winter of being somewhat unproductive in the writing department, it feels like someone flipped an invisible switch the last two months or so.

I have been writing a lot more…just not here on my blog. I wish I could say I’ve been making strides in my work in progress, Inscribed in Ink, I have done some writing in my manuscript here and there, maybe 8,000 words, but nothing major.

Instead, I’ve been keeping busy writing four (500-600 word) freelance articles each and every month for a website called it’s a great site to consult if you’re planning a trip to any part of the Show Me State and want to know what to do, where to go, where to stay and where to eat.

In addition to writing for MDC, I’ve also also researching some regional magazines that I hope to pitch possible freelance articles to. My fingers are staying crossed that the editors will like the ideas I have…here’s hoping, right?

I love doing this type of writing, after all, I went to school to be a journalist.  But…I digress.

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