Talking Copywriting and Social Media + a New Feast Article About Hermann

The weather is cool and there’s not much to do during these shorter days. Somehow I always seem to find myself turning back toward my writing and promoting myself throughout the fall and winter months. Right now, it’s no exception since I’ve recently been a guest on a podcast (my first time ever!) and I’ve been writing a lot more here and elsewhere.

If conversations about podcasts, writing, and social media are your thing, check me out on Social Brews Business podcast! Host Kimberly and I discuss how effective copywriting enhances your brand and engages your audience.

You can find the episode on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, and anywhere else you listen!

Photo credit: Visit Hermann’s Facebook

Also, I had another article published on Feast’s website about the East First Street neighborhood in Hermann, MO. Maybe it’s because I’m back home in the Midwest, or because I’m a freelancer for a food and drink magazine, but I haven’t been this excited to cook and dish about food in ages!

For those that don’t know, Hermann is a cute and historic town that’s situated along the Missouri River. Hermann’s German roots run deep, and that’s apparent in the style of wines, brews, and food served up in the East First Street neighborhood. From a family-owned winery to an establishment that sells and serves authentic German-style bratwurst and sausages, it’s worth the drive to explore all that Hermann has to offer!