Taking the Path of Most Resistance

Now that I’m getting settled into my new town, I am taking the time to reflect and relax.

In the past few weeks I’ve had the chance to go for walks in the morning and long drives in the country during the afternoon.  I’m from this area, but after years of living in the city, I’m rediscovering the appeal of winding roads, lush, green fields and creek water that sparkles in the sunlight.

I love sitting on my porch and being serenaded by birds and being visited by humming birds.

It seems like I have never lived anywhere else and city life is nothing but a distant memory.

What is amusing to me is that I resisted and dreaded this move for months.

I did not want to leave the city, and my life there. I didn’t want to live in the small town where my family is from. I didn’t want a change.

Sometimes, we need to take the path of most resistance so we can reap big rewards in the end.

Have you ever resisted a change or an event that ended up being great? I’d love to hear your story if you’d be willing to share it in the comments section! 🙂