What Every Writer Can Learn From Adele

Amazing. Haunting. Uber-talented. Beautiful.
Whatever words you choose to describe British singer Adele’s once in a generation pipes, there is one thing (beyond her voice) that makes her stand out from the rest of today’s pop singer set. Vulnerability.
Adele writes and croons from a place that most of us try to hide. Her innermost thoughts, in fact her heart, is out there, for all to see, hear and feel.
That pain, that fearlessness, that ability to admit she’s been hurt, that she’s been unlucky in love, that’s what makes her music connect with people.
Writers across all genres can take a cue from Adele. When you write from a place that is genuine, a place of truth and vulnerability, that’s when you’ll find your audience.
I’m trying to put my own advice to practice, both here on my blog and in my work-in-progress. It’s not easy to share such private thoughts and feelings, but I know my work will ring with a more authentic melody of truth.
Enjoy my favorite (for now) Adele video below.