A New Direction

I’ve wanted try a few new things on my blog for a while now. One of which is exploring the world of interviewing a bit more.
As my readers know I have a background in journalism and I am also an author.
With the end of the year upon me, I’ve begun to reflect on what I have done in 2011 and where I hope to go in 2012.
This coming new year, I want to combine both my passions and venture into some new waters on my blog.
In January I want to launch a new monthly Q&A session interview series which will highlight an author.
The interview series is open to authors of all genres and levels of publishing (traditional pubbed, e-pubbed and self-pubbed).
If you or someone you know is interested in being featured in my author interview series, please email me at: amanda@amandabretz.com

*A note about comments. There are no comments on Vida de Verde. If you’d like to engage with me about this or any other post, feel free to email me at amanda@amandabretz.com or reach out to me on Google+, Twitter or Facebook.